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What's In A Name

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

There is significance in a name; it identifies things, people, and places. A name can make you smile or take you on a stroll down memory lane. A name can make you feel something...hopefully something good.

There were a lot of names tossed around in the search to name our Orange Beach, Alabama, vacation home. Here are some of the names we considered; Kinda Paradise, Villa de Playa, Orange Beach Retreat, Ocean Devotion, LaSea Daze, HipSea; all fun choices, but none felt right. As we thought about things we loved, places we enjoyed, and the feeling we always experience near the ocean, we kept returning to the name of our former Grand Cayman home, "Villa SeaRenity." This place was and still is special. We purchased it in 2018, and it was UGLY! A total renovation resulted in a beautiful vacation property. The place felt serene hence its nomenclature; "Villa SeaRenity." A lovely place overlooking Spotts Beach and the Caribbean Sea. We enjoyed spending time there, and the vacation rental market in 2019 was strong and successful. Then 2020 happened; need I say more? In 2021 the Cayman government had yet to reopen the Cayman Islands to tourism, and the general consensus was that they were in no rush to open the borders. At that point, we decided we didn't need to own Discovery Point Club 19 and Villa SeaRenity, both located in Grand Cayman so we placed Villa SeaRenity on the market. To our delight, it was purchased by a lovely couple who graciously asked that I stay on to manage vacation rental bookings. As we continued to toss around names for our OBA place, we kept returning to "Villa SeaRenity." Eventually, it morphed into "SeaRenity Too," and it fits; the home, beach, ocean, and location are all serene.

As for Discovery Point Club 19 - it's the place where we escape to serene Seven Mile Beach, and we don't plan on ever letting it go. Just because Discovery Point Club 19 doesn't share in the "SeaRenity" name (we purchased it before we were clever enough to come up with an original name) "serene" still describes its feel and location.

What's in a name? Everything. "SeaRenity Too" is a connection to the past and a step into the future. Come on down to LA (lower Alabama) and enjoy a vacation stay at SeaRenity Too; where dreams do come true.

SeaRenity Too Vacation Homes in OBA
SeaRenity Too

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