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WAR EAGLE - What the heck does that mean?

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

On the “About” page of the SeaRenity Too website I wrote that we are three Texans with a WAR EAGLE connection to Alabama. Some of you asked what the heck that means. Here is the answer.

If you are in any way associated with Auburn University, I bet when you read the words “WAR EAGLE," you said, "Waarrrrrr Eagle!" Did you say it in your head or did you say it out loud? You may have pictured the intersection of South College and Magnolia. Maybe Samford Hall or Jordan Hare Stadium formed a picture in your mind. You may have visualized the trees covered in toilet paper after an Auburn win. Or maybe your thought of Toomers and you could taste their famous lemonade For the rest of you, allow me to share the legend of the term "War Eagle."

As stated on the Auburn website:

“The most popular legend about the battle cry dates back to the first time Auburn met Georgia on the football field in 1892 and centers on a spectator who was a Civil War veteran. In the stands with him that day was an eagle the old soldier had found on a battlefield during the war. He had kept it as a pet for almost 30 years.

According to witnesses, the eagle suddenly broke free and began majestically circling the playing field. As the eagle soared, Auburn began a steady march toward the Georgia end zone for a thrilling victory. Elated at their team's play and taking the bird's presence as an omen of success, Auburn students and fans began to yell “War Eagle” to spur on their team. At the game's end, the eagle took a sudden dive, crashed into the ground, and died.

But the War Eagle battle cry lived on to become a symbol of the proud Auburn spirit. Whenever Auburn people gather, the battle cry “Warrrrrrr Eagle!” is almost certain to be heard. It has been a part of Auburn's spirit for more than 100 years.

Since the first War Eagle, there have been seven others throughout Auburn's history that have served as a symbol of the Auburn spirit and kept alive the legendary battle cry.”

“War Eagle” embodies the spirit and community of Auburn. It’s what you say to someone you see in the airport wearing an Auburn tee shirt. It’s what you say to your Auburn student when he gets a great score on a difficult exam. It can mean hello, goodbye, good luck, thinking of you, wishing you the best, congratulations…you get the idea.

Our son is a student at Auburn, this means as parents, we have the honor of being associated with Auburn. My husband is a graduate of Texas A&M, I graduated from Southern Methodist University but we are both proud to say WAR EAGLE, and we love having a connection to Auburn (the university and the city) and to the state of Alabama.

This morning I’ve been listening to the Eagles station on Pandora. As I began typing this post I heard the opening riff of a familiar song, Sweet Home Alabama. Coincidence or a sign that our connection to Alabama is one we will always hold dear? The easy answer, "WAR EAGLE!"

Auburn University WAR EAGLE
Auburn University

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