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Tiny Footprints

Today I sat on the beach and watched little children run in and out of the surf. I watched them build sand castles and giggle as the water swept their creations away. I walked along the shoreline and gazed down at tiny footprints in the sand and remembered that not long ago I was holding the hand of a little boy as we walked on the beach leaving footprints behind us. I'm not sure how we got from tiny footprints in the sand to a tall young man living on his own and attending college but here we are. For me long gone are the days of sand castles, beach-side giggles, and barefoot walks on the beach with a little boy. I hope the parents of those little ones that I saw on the beach today know how quickly the owners of those tiny footprints will slip their feet into big shoes and take off running. Don't get me wrong the days of running, growing, and ultimately spreading their wings and flying are amazing but they are also filled with worry, stress, and wonder. You will worry about many things, you will be amazed by all they learn, you will stress over college applications, you will wonder if you did enough...but in the end, they will fly and you will be left with memories of those little footprints in the sand. For now, enjoy the giggles, and as the Billy Dean song says "Let Them Be Little."

Tiny Footprint in the Orange Beach Alabama Sand
Tiny footprint in the sand

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