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Bright Days and Balmy Nights

It's summer, which means rising daytime temps and warm, balmy summer nights. If you've read the information on the SeaRenity Too website you know my family lives in Texas and it's REALLY HOT here right now. It's June and we are experiencing July heat and high humidity. Often we head to one of our favorite beach destinations in the Summer; Orange Beach, Grand Cayman, or Cabo San Lucas. We love our home in Orange Beach and our condo in Grand Cayman. We love visiting Cabo, we don't own property there but we still enjoy visiting. Often we meet people who ask us why we go to the beach in the summer when we live in a state where we deal with heat every day. The answer is simple; it may be hot at the beach but the ocean breeze (if at Orange Beach it's the gulf breeze) and the cool water make the temperature feel so much better than it does when you live inland.

Sitting in a beach chair under an umbrella, watching the waves roll in, feeling the breeze on your skin, and hearing little kids giggle as they dash in and out of the surf is the perfect way to spend a bright summer day. Dinner after sunset at a favorite restaurant and a long walk on the beach under the moon are perfect choices to fill balmy beach nights.

Bright days and balmy nights are waiting for you. Regardless of where you "beach" this summer I wish you the joy of long lazy days and laid-back summer nights.

Beach at the Waldorf Pedregal

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